Phone Plans for U.S. Barbados Welcome Stamp Visitors

Phone Plans for U.S. Barbados Welcome Stamp Visitors

This Phone Plan Allows You To:
  • Make Work Calls From Barbados
  • Call Family Members
  • Stay in Touch with Friends
  • Keep Your U.S. Phone Number
  • Send Texts To the U.S.
  • Keep Your Two Factor Authentication Methods
  • All for Just $99/month

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Plan Details:
  • $99 Unlimited Talk and Text
  • 100% Free International Roaming
  • No Hidden Fees
  • 4G Network
  • $5M Insurance Against Phone Hacks
  • Keep Your Number or Get a New One
  • 60-Day 100% Money Back Refund Guarantee

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This phone plan requires an unlocked phone. You will add a SIM card to the phone which will arrive via FedEx ground shipping. You will then be able to use your phone in the United States over the leading 4G network and roam internationally for free to over 200 hundred countries, including Barbados.

Additional Information About the Barbados Welcome Stamp

The option for working remotely has become increasingly available in all fields of work in the recent years. For 2020 especially, it has become evident that a lot of jobs that people are working can actually be done from home instead of from an office and at a desk. When you switch to working remotely, the environment where you are working and getting your work done changes but the stress that comes with your job still follows wherever you go. The luxury that can come with working remotely is that you can take your laptop wherever you go and get work done. This is where the Barbados Welcome Stamp visa comes in. Wouldn’t it be nice to lay out by the pool and do your work from a nice lounge pool with an icy drink to sip on? How nice would it be to attend online meetings with the beautiful scenery of Barbados behind you and the sound of waves fueling your work and productivity? Barbados and its officials have made the decision to open up the country to any visitors who wish to have a long term visit for work. Anyone who has the option to or already works remotely can take advantage of this program and vacation while working.
This new visa will allow visitors and their families to stay in Barbados for up to a year while they continue to work remotely but will still be able to enjoy the beauty of the island and everything else that it has to offer. Families will also be able to come with applicants (at additional application fees) but Barbados advertises its great healthcare options and education options for those with families. This visa was recently announced at the end of June in 2020 in response to COVID-19 and those who are now working remotely because of the virus. While we are quarentinting in response to the virus, jobs and employment are rapidly changing and Barbados took initiative to seize the moment in which people are sick of being at home but are still working out of the office. This could be a great opportunity to see a new island while also getting their work done and making their source of income.
In order to qualify and receive this visa from Barbados there is an application process that individuals and their families must go through in order to be accepted for the visa. The application fee for individuals is $2000 and the application fee for families is $3000 which are both non refundable. With the application fee, you must fill out an application with standard questions, include 2 passport sized photos, the bio data page of your passport, birth certificate for anyone on the application, proof of relationship to dependent (if applicable), and an entry visa (where applicable). After this application is filled out and completed, the country will review it and your information to see if you qualify for this visa. One perk about this application process is that it can all be done electronically and with the internet. This limits any interaction in person and will help to speed the process along. The application is only the first step for getting Barbados and other accommodations must be considered before your visit to the island. Barbados offers a large range of condos and hotels according to their website. For as long as this trip is, you may qualify for special rates. If you are bringing along school age children, they can attend private schools on the island or the local public schools for a fee. Schooling is mandatory for all children up to the age of 16 but there are also university options on the island too. Medical insurance is a prerequisite for your acceptance to this visa but Barbados will provide resources for insurance in Barbados if you are unable to make accommodations. For transportation on the island, there is public transportation provided by the island of Barbados, but not any companies such as Uber or Lyft. With that considered a more permanent form of transportation needs to be arranged for your year on the island
During your time in Barbados, you are only allowed to work for employers and individuals outside of Barbados and you may not work besides that during your time. Also, the Barbados Welcome Stamp visa ensures that you will not have to pay the Barbados Income Tax during your time on the island. Before arriving on the island for your year, you need to be sure that your job is in a secure place so you can have work and income for the year in Barbados. Internet connection is said to be fast and strong on the island which is also essential for working remotely and from your computer. The website says that there are many wifi hotspots around the island that you can use the internet for free, but also there are packages available to purchase for internet use during your trip. The Barbados Welcome Stamp visa can be a great option for remote workers at this time. This new visa has great options too for people to contact officials and knowledgeable people for help or questions with this process. This ongoing pandemic in the world right now is making it to where workers are getting their work done from home and not in the office but also to where everyone is having to stay in their homes and not out and about. This includes vacations or working outside of the home. This is such a great option to allow people to get out of their homes and on vacations while also completing work and getting their job done. This also is a great option for social distancing as Barbados has only had 144 cases and 7 deaths compared to the larger numbers in the United States. Visitors and employees can enjoy all of the island luxuries and stay safe and protect their health while on the island of Barbados. Please keep in mind that all non-essential travel is discouraged and advised against by the CDC in the US.