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Free International Roaming

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  • $99 Unlimited Talk and Text
  • 100% Free International Roaming
  • No Hidden Fees
  • 4G Network
  • $5M Insurance Against Phone Hacks
  • Keep Your Number or Get a New One
  • 60-Day 100% Money Back Refund Guarantee

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Free International Roaming
  • No Fee for Roaming Overseas
  • Saves You Up to $25 per Day
  • Unlimited Data Roaming
  • Unlimited Calling
  • Unlimited Texting
  • All Included in Your Plan
  • Ideal for Business Travelers

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When you decide to travel outside of the United States, you need to establish some form of international phone plan if you wish to keep the communication you have while at home. This plan is different from your regular cell phone service plan and will include other fees outside of just your normal service. Depending on where you are traveling, roaming and communicating will be different per country. It may be easier to make phone calls as your phone service will be the same, or you will be completely isolated because your phone is unable to connect to service while you are abroad.
As you prepare for your trip out of the country, there are a few preparations you need to make with your cell phone provider. With your carrier you need to make sure your carrier offers service outside of the country and in the country you are traveling to. If the carrier does not, you need to see if there are options that they offer or if they have suggestions for international travel. Also with your phone carrier, you need to see what services are going to be available to you in your country. This might just be phone calls or this could be all of the functions that you are used to having. With these international plans, you will most likely be subject to additional fees and rates on top of your normal phone bill. The last step that you need to complete before travel is that you have activated your international plan for service and roaming and that it is good to go when you arrive at your destination

Some other options that you might consider before you travel internationally would be using a local SIM card once you arrive in the country you are traveling to. You can request from your carrier and phone provider for your phone to be unlocked upon your travels so that when you arrive, you are able to use a local SIM card. This means that you have access to the local data and roaming as well as a local phone number. You can purchase another SIM card before you leave the country or from a phone carrier in the country you travel to. This can be risky with the new scam and hack of SIM swapping, so leaving your phone unlocked can leave it open and vulnerable. Also this feature is dependent on your phone carrier as not everyone will offer this function and feature to their customers. Another option available to you while traveling internationally is to purchase or rent a handset. A handset is another word for a phone but your options could be a prepaid phone with minutes for phone calls or a particular number for text messaging. You can either get a prepaid handset or a pay while you go option. While you are traveling, you might decide to travel with a calling card to use on wireline phones. You have the option to have this as your way of communicating while abroad. 

While you are traveling outside of the United States and internationally, it is smart to use Wi-Fi while using the internet on your mobile devices or computers. Depending on the Wi-Fi service you are using, for the most part it will be free of charge compared to using your phone plan or prepaid minutes. If you want to avoid international roaming or buying another plan for traveling, there are apps available for texting or phone calls that will work and operate over Wi-Fi. The only thing it requires is Wi-Fi and some may even be completely free. With using Wi-Fi and wireless hotspots that are open to the public, you are exposing yourself and leaving your personal information out for anyone to access. You must use your best judgment for what network you are using and if it is going to be safe for use. In the United States, most everyone knows that the emergency number is 911 wherever you are in the country. This will be different as you travel out of the United States. You need to be aware of what the emergency number is in the country you are visiting to keep yourself and others safe. Since you are traveling outside of your home country, the customs and traditions are going to be different. On top of that, the phone uses and dialing methods are going to be different. The area codes will be different wherever you are traveling, the country code in the beginning will be different and the phone numbers will also be too. Make sure you have plenty of practice before you leave the country so you are able to successfully communicate and phone back to everyone you are leaving back home.
It is so exciting to travel internationally with the new foods, new languages and new experiences. You will want to be able to tell everyone back home about these experiences and in order to do so, you will need a phone service plan for international roaming. International roaming and an international plan will be an extra expense and more money coming out of your pocket, but you will enjoy having something you are used to while traveling. Your phone carrier will be able to answer questions for you and you make switches to your plans. You can also purchase a prepaid phone or pay as you go phone as you travel this new country. Traveling internationally can come with some risks and so does having an international phone plan. You must be smart with your international roaming and wireless hotspot usage while traveling. Getting this all taken care of before you leave for travel will ensure you have a great time on your trip and a stress less time communicating back home.