Flow Wireless

Flow Wireless

Flow Wireless Services or FLOW is one of the names for one of the telecom services in the Caribbean, Liberty Latin America. The previous name of this service was Cable and Wireless Communications or CWC. Flow Wireless is to market cable television, internet, phone, and wireless services by Liberty Latin America. These services are provided to Barbados, Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, St. Kitts and Nevis, Trinidad and Tobago, Montserrat, Dominica, Antigua & Barbuda, St. Vincent, St. Lucia, Grenada, Anguilla, Curaçao, the Turks and Caicos Islands and the British Virgin Islands.

Later after the start of this company, in 2016, Flow Wireless became available and the 8th cell phone carrier in the United States. Flow Wireless was also the official broadcaster for the 2016 Summer Olympics that took place in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Flow Wireless was originally started by Columbus Communications and moved to Cable and Wireless Communications with the acquisition of the companies. Flow Wireless would replace the CWC brand called Lime when the acquisition took place. This merger between the two companies caused some controversy and had some disapproval from certain local committees. This service was founded in 2004 with the headquarters now in Coral Gables, Miami, Florida. Flow Wireless provides and offers fibre broadband, cable broadband, ADSL, VDSL, VDSL 2 broadband, mobile broadband, landlines, and TV. Flow Wireless utilizes tariffs in every country that they provide their services too as a pricing strategy. For example, calls made by prepaid minutes will cost more compared to Postpaid and Prepaid subscribers in order to get more people to subscribe to their services on a long term basis.

Once Flow Wireless took over for Lime, connections and speeds were still the same all starting at 2G. In the summer of 2009, Flow Wireless announced the first 3G network for their services in Jamaica, the company’s largest market. 3G is the basis of all services that Flow Wireless offers and customers can go higher with other fees and more expensive bills to be paid. Later in October 2011, Flow Wireless announced 4G HSPA+ in the Cayman Islands and it layered extended to other countries that Flow Wireless reaches. By the end of 2018, Flow Wireless extended its 4G LTE services to all of the countries that Flow offers its services.

Flow Wireless partners with other companies to bring special offers and perks to their customers such as Wikimedia, Deezer, and Apple. Flow Wireless works closely and partners with Wikimedia which allows their Postpaid and Prepaid customers unlimited and free access to Wikipedia. Flow Wireless’s partnership with Deezer gives its Postpaid and Prepaid customers access to a free premium subscription to their streaming services. Flow Wireless is Deezer’s selected mobile provider and Flow Wireless has its own streaming service that has playlists and music curated by Deezer. The partnerships that Flow Wireless has with these companies ranges from the perks as they can be different in other countries, but the customers still are able to enjoy rewards such as free streaming on Deezer for using Flow Wireless.

Flow Wireless worked with Apple starting in 2011 as Apple’s only wireless partner available to Anglophone Caribbean until about 2016. Flow Wireless has other capabilities that the company offers to its customers and subscriptions to enjoy that are separate from their partnerships with external companies and businesses. Flow Wireless has its own TV subscription and streaming service called FLOWToGo which allows for the subscribers to enjoy content and streaming while on the go. Flow Wireless also offers FLOW Football which allows its users to listen to football matches while on the go. Using Flow Wireless for your mobile phone provider gives you access to the Flow Wireless app to track your data usage and other data from the app. All of these services have now been combined to one single entity called FLOW ID. FLOW ID gives you access to all of these things plus other exclusive content offered by and powered by Flow Wireless. Another service that Flow Wireless has to offer the public is an airtime lending service called FLOW Lend. FLOW Lend is an app available to Flow Wireless subscribers and gives these subscribers access to request a loan for their account. In 2016 when Flow Wireless was the official broadcaster of the summer olympics, Flow Wireless offered its subscribers and HD experience on 3 different channels on TV and mobile users were able to view the games from the FLOW Rio 2016 Extra App. Flow Wireless offers its customers use of their data wherever they are if it is a FLOW market which is a good benefit for active travelers.

Flow Wireless shows to be a reliable and customer friendly service based on its achievements and large number of users for all it has to offer. Based on data from MSI Americas, Flow Wireless was rated the top carrier in two of the countries it offers its services to, Jamaica and Barbados. In 2016, a German company compared Flow Wireless services in 6 of the countries that its services and provided with other providers. The findings were that Flow Wireless had the fastest speeds compared to its competitor Digicel. In 2018, Flow Wireless in Jamaica won the Ookla Speedtest Award for being Jamaica’s fastest mobile network with speeds as fast as 22.66 megabits per second on the downlink and 9.62 megabits per second on the uplink. Flow Wireless offers a large and long list of services to offer all of the countries they reach. They work closely with other companies to offer great benefits and perks to their customers making the experience that much better. With a new travel visa being offered by the country of Barbados for remote workers, Flow Wireless is a great contender for choosing your next cell phone plan if you happen to find yourself on the island. As a new round of Olympic games are hopefully approaching in the next year, Flow Wireless gave its users great benefits and a special experience of the games just for being paid customers. They may do the same for these next games and you for sure do not want to miss out.