Best Secure Phone Plan - Updated December 2020

Efani Protects Your Phone From
  • Unauthorized Bank Account Access
  • Social Media Profile Hijacking
  • Unauthorized Access to Your Email
  • Unauthorized Cryptocurrency Account Access
  • Credit Card Hacks Due to SIM Swapping
  • Unauthorized Two Factor Authentication
  • Hacking Attempts for Sensitive Information

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For $99/Month You Receive
  • $99 Unlimited Talk and Text
  • 100% Free International Roaming
  • No Hidden Fees
  • 4G Network
  • $5M Insurance Against Phone Hacks
  • Keep Your Number or Get a New One
  • 60-Day 100% Money Back Refund Guarantee

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EFANI Secure Phone Plan

In this life, it is impossible to communicate with anyone without a cell phone. But using a cell phone can come with many complications and risks to both the user and their information. New scams such as SIM swapping or scam by phone calls come day by day and can make choosing a cell phone provider extremely difficult with all of the choices available to customers with the range of perks that are offered. If privacy and security are one of your biggest concerns, EFANI offers high grade protection to its customers and their cell phones. EFANI is a cell phone provider located in San Francisco in the United States to provide service to US based customers. According to the EFANI website, behind the name of EFANI is that EFANI evokes discipline, fascination, and dedication. E stands for versatile beings who use their creativity and imagination for their dreams. F stands for tiny fixations and friendliness that makes up someone and makes them attractive. A stands for someone taking charge and making plans for the future. N resonates with the number 5 for imagination which is what makes someone joyful. Lastly, I stands for perfecting a craft and being passionate about something. In building EFANI, Haseeb Awan found himself as a victim of a cyber hack and his own information was at risk of being available to everyone which is what brought him to making something that would protect people just like him.
EFANI offers a range of options for its customers to help protect their information and prevent any of that information from being leaked or getting into the wrong hands. This private cell phone provider offers guaranteed protection against SIM swapping. SIM swapping is a new scheme from hackers that can get all of the information from your SIM card on your phone by pretending to be you in front of your cell phone provider in order to gain access to the information connected to your SIM card. EFANI guarantees protection against all of that so you and your information can be safe. EFANI also offers military grade protection with its cell phone services. This means that there are 11 layers of client side integrity and authentication protection to make sure that you are the only one with access to your cell phone account or any other account connected to your phone number. EFANI also guarantees privacy. Once you join EFANI for your cell phone needs, you are given a private phone number that is not attached to any of your personal and private information. For every customer, they are personally protected with up to $5 million in insurance in case of emergency. This can be data hacks and hacks into your personal information that EFANI will protect if anything were to happen. Customers also will be able to enjoy 24/7 concierge service and customer support for any problems they might run into with their cell phone and information.
To better protect you and your information, EFANI partners with Secure Wireless Services, Borderhawk Cybersecurity, and EIV Consultants. EFANI chooses an elite group to work with for their best customers to protect them. Secure Wireless Services protects against SIM swapping and hacking, encrypts your personal information and also protects you individually with up to $5 million in insurance. Borderhawk Cybersecurity is used for information security with government consulting.
To make the switch to making EFANI your cell phone provider, the steps are easy and fast to getting a better and safer cell phone experience. To upgrade, EFANI will ship you a brand new SIM card in discrete packaging to ensure more protection in receiving your product. After you receive your SIM card, EFANI will give you a new and secure phone number that is not connected to your personal and private information should it be hacked or anything happens.
EFANI offers a safe domestic and international plan for their customers. EFANI is prideful in the fact that they are transparent in their plans with no hidden fees or charges that surprise you on your bill compared to other cell phone providers. The plan is $99 a month and is unlimited across the United States with call, texting, 4G data and WiFi calling. International roaming is free and includes 210 countries around the world. EFANI has great coverage around the country with a speedy 4G network with complimentary WiFi calling in case of spotty coverage
In case you are not satisfied with the coverage and protection, EFANI guarantees a 60 day money back and refund to you and you will get 100% back of what you spent towards this cell phone provider. EFANI does not offer any family plans or multiple users on one plan. EFANI states that each phone number needs to be protected individually. You cannot keep your current phone line or phone plan while using EFANI because of the protection that comes with EFANI. Privacy and protection are genuine and serious concerns that most people have when it comes to their cell phone usage. With thousands of hackers and stories constantly circulating about people’s information being at risk, it is impossible to ignore the ever growing risk of our information being available to the wrong people. EFANI is a United States based phone provider that offers its customers great protection for their information and their phone number. Now a days we have so much information and accounts connected to our phone numbers but EFANI will give you a protected phone number (or protect your current phone number if you wish to keep it) so that you can keep using your cell phone but with a good peace of mind that is not always ensured by other cell phone companies. The lack of plans offered by this cell phone provider is an important factor when considering EFANI for your provider, but you also will enjoy a good amount of protection with EFANI.